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Open Source Solutions

Efficient and flexible solutions for your business on top of open source software. From web development and portals to infrastructure planning and deployment our team can solve your IT needs from the bottom up guaranteeing you the best return on your investment.



  • Portals, intranets and web sites implementation using portal servers
  • Custom development based on client’s needs, with the following main technologies: Liferay, Jboss, Tomcat, Java including several frameworks, AngularJS, Hibernate; Jasper Reports, Solr, Elastic Search, Lucene, among others.
  • For rapid web application development, we provide the RadOne (a productivity tool) - focus on the reuse of modules and components, building dynamic web forms, creating robust and appropriate response times to any type of solutions. RadOne is an excellent tool in the application technical renewal process.


  • Virtualization Platform deployment (Xenserver)
  • Networking & Security: routing, DNS, DHCP, proxies, firewall (BIND, Apache Traffic Server, Varnish, Nginx, Pfsense)
  • Authentication and Accounting (Openldap & FreeRadius)
  • Monitoring & Managment (Zabbix, OpenNMS, OpenVAS)
  • DevOps planning (Git, GitLab, Jenkins, Ansible)
  • Collaborative tools: e-mail servers (MTA/MDA), Groupware, private cloud




For more information about RadOne, click on the logo.



  • Service-oriented architecture (SOA) - rapid and effective response to always changing business needs
  • N-Tier architecture with physically separable layers - eases load distribution and increases applications performance
  • Robust, secure and scalable application environment, based on best practices and international standards - J2EE
  • Solutions compatible with most available databases on the market (Oracle, Sqlserver, Postgres, MySQL and other relational databases)
  • Easy integration with external sources and applications. Solution based on market standards, integrated with e-mail servers, databases, filesystem, xml interfaces, web services, ldap systems, among others




Why Open Source ?

Open source software is one of the major market trends and its growing adoption is based on the following key advantages:

  • Low cost, forget licensing hassles. Proven cost reduction when compared to proprietary or commercial alternatives.
  • Quality, revised source code promotes higher software quality
  • Flexibility, adoption of standards eases applications integration giving you more options
  • Support, benefit from community support and experience along with tradicional paid support.