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Project nº 1266

QI PME (Individual projects - Internationalization)

Internationalization of Tierone Consulting


Total Eligible Cost: 162.996,92 €

Financial Support from U.E: 73.348,61 €

National Public Financial Support: 0 €


Project Summary

The internationalization strategy of Tierone – Consultoria em Tecnologia e Sistemas de Informação, Lda, aims to strengthen its presence in international markets for which currently already exports mainly Angola and Brazil. On the other hand, TierOne also wants to expand into new markets, which has been in constant growth and development, such as Mozambique, Colombia, Mexico and Macau.

In this context, the internationalization strategy consiste in to strengthen its presence in the African and South American markets as well as in Asia as a new market.

To achieve this, it will be necessary efforts coordination at the marketing level in these countries and to ensure the participation of IT exhibitions, as well as to carry out market prospecting activities in order to establish new contacts with recognized companies in the market, potential customers or business partners. It is intended to enter in new markets selling own brand products.

It is expected to be reached in the medium term, the following strategic objective:

  • International turnover represents approximately 38.89% of the total turnover of the company revenue.

In order to achieve the proposed objectives submitted under Portugal 2020 project, the company intends to carry out communication activities and international promotion in target markets to identify their main needs and purchase motivations.

The company will invest in an integrated set of international promotion initiatives in the Colombian, Mexico, Mozambique, Angola, Cape Verde, Brazil and China markets, including the participation in IT exhibitions, market prospecting actions to win new customers and potential partner, branding of company's products, online marketing, brand registration and hiring a technician to promote and advertise the company in international markets.