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Rapid Application Development

RadOne is a productivity tool based on JAVA technology that allows to develop software for the web. RadOne makes the software production lifecycle more agile by: allowing the modulation of the application domain, screen design and conception, flow drawing for the various pages (application navigation), automatic code generation and customization and deployment to the servers. The tool generates soure code in JAVA, and, thanks to its metamodel it can generate in other saveral programming laguages.




  • Rapid application development
  • 50% development time reduction
  • Multiplatform application generation
  • Significant project cost and risk reduction
  • Allows interface design by business users without programming skills



  • Support for multi-module project setup and configuration for your application development
  • Application domain (database) modeling. The model can be imported and exported from/to an existing database
  • Flow and screen design through drag & drop components
  • Application prototyping and preview at design time
  • Automatic JAVA source code generation
  • Business rule development and application server deployment
  • Automatic functional documentation generation
  • Different user profiles according to project role: functional, programmer and management