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BPM & Workflow

Business Process Management & Workflow Solutions

We can make your organization become more efficient. How? 

By automating and improving the work processes. With our expertise in workflow and BPM (Business Process Management) implementation you can increase your capacity to get work done.


Concerning to workflow & BPM, ClipOne solution combines the capabilities to model and implement any business process (structured or ad-hoc).

The ClipOne process modeling is performed according to BPMN2 notation, and its implementation is drastically simplified thanks to its set of feature, such as: user interface design based on metadata, notifications, access control, confidentiality of data and documents attached to the process, among others.  This solution helps to differentiate your business, by providing the right services to meet your needs.


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In addition to ClipOne, we also have a wide experience in business processes / work automation, using workflow & BPM engines based on BPMN2 notation, namely: Activiti, JBPM and webMethods.



  • Process design and optimization
  • Modelling and implementation of structured and ad-hoc workflows in real time to adapt to an ever-changing business environment
  • Automating human and system processes with your own business rules
  • Workflows integration with your existing IT environments
  • Process tracking end-to-end (chronological history of all actions performed)
  • Alerts and automatic notifications whenever certain events occur
  • Global inbox per user
  • Real time workflow monitoring presented through performance dashboards and accessible in any device
  • Task routing to specific users or groups
  • Management advice for task / process
  • Documents attachment to a task and / or process



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