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ClipOne -

Process Management, Document Management and Records Management (Archiving)

ClipOne is an integrated Enterprise Content Management solution, fully supported on web technologies to address enterprises challenges, regardless from its size and business sector. Process Management (Workflow), Document Management, Records Management (Archiving), Global Search and Performance Indicatores/Reports.




  • Productivity increase
  • Operations cost reduction
  • Competitiveness increase
  • Easy access to information
  • Quality of service improvement



  • Intuitive iconography
  • User-centered design
  • Optimized structure
  • Colors balance
  • Responsive Design



PROCESS MANAGEMENT (WORKFLOW) - Structured and ad-hoc workflows modelling and implementation with global inbox, SLAs control and notifications.
DOCUMENT MANAGEMENT - Attachments, classification, check-in, check-out, version control, embedded file viewer with annotations, notifications, comments, among others.
RECORDS MANAGEMENT - Records management following MoReq (Model Requirements for the management of Electronic Records) orientations
GLOBAL SEARCH - Simple search using logical operators (+, -, *, “”) and drill-down/drill-up filters. Intuitive and  dynamic advanced search.
PERFORMANCE INDICATORS & REPORTING - Performance indicators and reporting available for all components.